Steiff Gold Samurai Teddy Bear

Traditional Japanese warrior plush toy

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Having the deep and lasting relationship they have with their own history and culture, the Japanese can certainly appreciate them when they see it in others too and if that's combined with something cute, then it's the perfect match! In other words, even if Steiff hadn't come up with something that superbly complements traditional Japanese culture, like the Steiff Gold Samurai Teddy Bear, just the fact that the company invented the teddy bear and that its history goes back to 1880 would be enough to make it a success in the Japanese market!

But, of course, with the Steiff Gold Samurai Teddy Bear, things are even better: the classic teddy bear is dressed up like a samurai warrior from the Kamakura (12th-14th century) period, ready to decorate the house of every Japanese history fan. Or even to become the centerpiece of your home on May 5 each year: on Children's Day, families with boys present them with samurai-themed decorations. Beautifully detailed and standing at 24 centimeters (9.4 inches), this is an amazing doll that will become a family heirloom!

Specs and Features:

  • Height: 24 cm (9.4")
  • Material: mohair
  • Surface washable
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