Steiff Astro Boy Doll

Classic anime character by renowned teddy bear maker

The Steiff Astro Boy Doll is a meeting of historic proportions: on one hand, you have what is probably the most recognizable character from science fiction manga and anime (and this is an extremely tall order!), Osamu Tezuka's Astro Boy; on the other, what is probably the most renowned teddy bear maker, Steiff. Add a special occasion, the 90th anniversary of Tezuka's birth, and the result is a true gem that any collector of toys or manga memorabilia will love.

The Steiff Astro Boy Doll stands 36 cm (14.1") tall and like all the dolls made by Steiff over the last century, it features a movable head, hands, and legs, allowing you to pose him any way you like. On the sole of his right red boot is the legend "90th Anniv. Osamu Tezuka" and on his left ear, the button tag that shows he is an original Steiff doll (the brand's slogan is Knopf im Ohr, "Button in Ear"). As an ornament or a toy, this is a limited-edition item guaranteed to delight even the most demanding manga/anime fans!

Specs and Features:

  • Licensed Astro Boy merchandise
  • Limited edition (available only in Japan)
  • Created for the 90th anniversary of Astro Boy creator's birth
  • Material: mohair, polyester
  • Height: 36 cm (14.1")
  • Movable head, hands, and legs
  • "90th Anniv. Osamu Tezuka" legend on the sole of right foot
  • Surface washable
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US$ 634