Steiff Maneki-neko Lucky Cat Teddy Bear

Traditional Japanese good fortune talisman plush toy

What could be more traditional than a maneki-neko beckoning cat doll like the ones you can see in shops all around Shitamachi, the area of East Tokyo filled with the atmosphere of prewar (and premodern) Japan? A maneki-neko beckoning cat created by the world's oldest manufacturer of teddy bears, Steiff, that is based in a small town near Bavaria, Germany. Yes, this is what the Steiff Maneki-neko Lucky Cat Teddy Bear is all about: bringing together two unique traditions!

The result is indeed beautiful. So beautiful you won't want to use it as a toy! Created with all the attention to detail that has made Steiff an institution since 1880, and enhanced by a Japanese sensibility, the Steiff Maneki-neko Lucky Cat Teddy Bear is made of bamboo velour and sitting on a red zabuton cushion of red cotton, waving at you to get closer so you can have the better fortune advertised by the old-style coin it's holding. The doll's head and arms move, so you can pose it any way you like!

Specs and Features:

  • Height: 14 cm (5.5")
  • 3 movable joints (head, arms)
  • Surface washable
  • Materials: bamboo velour, organic cotton
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US$ 440