Shaquda Misumi 3D Foundation Brush

Innovatively shaped makeup brush

If there was ever a competition about which section of the chemistry industry grows faster, cosmetics would certainly be among the top 3: between beauty and skincare, especially in an era where the former is being redefined and the second is expanding and becoming more important, the lineup of products you can get at the makeup department of any big store will stun you. What doesn't follow at the same pace, though, is the side of this world that has to do with the hardware: the tools of the makeup trade. This is why something like the Shaquda Misumi 3D Foundation Brush is big news!

What makes the Shaquda Misumi 3D Foundation Brush special is first its triangular and slanted shape, which allows it to reach all parts of your face equally, and its mixture of goat and synthetic hair, which allows it to work with any type of foundation regardless if it's in powder, liquid, or cream form. Add its small size (just 95 mm or 3.7" top to bottom) and you have a foundation brush that can be in every bag and make you feel like you're putting on foundation for the first time!

Specs and Features:

  • Use: foundation
  • Total length: 95 mm (3.7")
  • Brush length: 20 mm (0.8")
  • Materials: goat hair, synthetic hair, ash wood
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US$ 87