Shaquda 5 Makeup Brushes Set

Cosmetics toolkit

If you are reading this, chances are you already have your makeup kit and you have found the sizes and the shapes of the brushes you want to use – but you want something more. Which is exactly what a brand like Shaquda and its decades of history offers: superb traditional brush-making craftsmanship combined with top-quality materials and a unique stylish design, all wrapped in an artificial leather case and brought to you under the name Shaquda 5 Makeup Brushes Set!

Open the paulownia wood box and unroll the soft case and the five brushes in the set are all ready to use. You get a natural face powder brush, a natural cheek brush, a finger eye brush, a smoky eye brush, and a soft eyebrow brush, all bestsellers from the Shaquda line and guaranteed to support you through all your makeup, from face powder to the finishing touches around the eyes. Organic hair mixed with synthetic hair for the brush heads and wood and aluminum for the handles create an amazing item that transforms makeup time from a chore into an experience you look forward to every day!

Specs and Features:

  • Brush types: face powder brush, cheek brush, finger eye brush, smoky eye brush, eyebrow brush
  • Face brush dimensions: 180 x 50 mm (7 x 2")
  • Face brush materials: goat hair, wood, aluminum
  • Cheek brush dimensions: 172 x 42 mm (6.8 x 1.7")
  • Cheek brush materials: goat hair, wood, aluminum
  • Finger eye brush dimensions: 176 x 16 mm (6.9 x 0.6")
  • Finger eye brush materials: goat hair, wood, aluminum
  • Smoky eye brush dimensions: 169 x 9 mm (6.7 x 0.4")
  • Smoky eye brush materials: pony hair, wood, aluminum
  • Eyebrow brush dimensions: 168 x 8 mm (6.6 x 0.3")
  • Eyebrow brush materials: pony hair, synthetic hair, wood, aluminum
  • Case material: artificial leather
  • Comes in paulownia wood box
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US$ 390