Shaquda Misumi 3D Blending Eye Brush

Innovatively shaped eye makeup brush

What does 3D have to do with makeup, you might ask. The answer is, in the shape: regular makeup brushes are flat so they function on one level, the horizontal or the vertical. But your face isn't flat, meaning you want a brush that can adjust to its contours and deliver color evenly to its whole surface. This is true for any type of makeup brush, yet particularly so for the area around eyes, both because of the curvature but also because of the folds. This is where things get more 3D than anywhere else and why you need the Shaquda Misumi 3D Blending Eye Brush!

Its combination of natural pony hair and synthetic fibers would be good enough to make the Shaquda Misumi 3D Blending Eye Brush a first-class eye shadow brush, but its triangular, diagonally cut shape is what then puts it way above the competition. Whether it's blending, shading, or even adding highlights (yes, not just around the eyes but also to your cheekbones), this 15 mm (0.6") brush with its comfortable 80 mm (3.1") handle can give you a whole new look.

Specs and Features:

  • Use: eye shadow, highlight
  • Total length: 95 mm (3.7")
  • Brush length: 15 mm (0.6")
  • Materials: pony hair, synthetic hair, ash wood
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US$ 55