Ozora Redwood Kendama

High-quality traditional juggling toy

It doesn't matter that it wasn't originally invented in Japan and was most probably imported from Europe through China some time between the early 17th and the late 19th centuries. Thanks to online videos, kendama, the Japanese version of the ball and cup game has become a worldwide craze and people from all over the world demonstrate amazing juggling skills with it. If you are one of them and think you have earned the right to have a special kendama, then the Ozora Redwood Kendama is for you!

Created in Yamagata Prefecture by Yamagata Koubou, Japan's top kendama manufacturer, the Ozora Redwood Kendama is part of a series of unique kendama made of unusual woods. This one is made of a wood called shitan in Japanese and redwood or red sandalwood in English. Despite the name, the color is the deep brown of coffee beans, which together with its purple string makes a striking combination. But there's more than its magnificent looks that make this 18 cm (7") kendama a must: if you are serious about improving your skills more, it is recommended by the Japan Kendama Association and can be even used for certification tests!

Specs and Features:

  • Length: 18 cm (7")
  • Material: redwood
  • Made by Yamagata Koubou, Japan's top kendama manufacturer
  • Recommended by the Japan Kendama Association
  • Can be used for kyu and semi-shodan grade certification examinations
  • Comes with replacement string
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US$ 318