Tobidashi Koma Stacked Spinning Tops

Traditional Japanese toy

Spinning tops aren't a Japanese invention: they are one of those things that apparently all cultures from Egypt to Greece to China to India came up with quite early, mainly as a toy for children. What makes the Japanese approach to them unique is that during the Edo period (1600-1868), street performers turned the simple game of spinning a top or maybe setting two or three tops against each other into a juggling art with some amazing techniques. And to do that, they developed special tops like the Tobidashi Koma Stacked Spinning Tops.

Even though it looks like one top, the Tobidashi Koma Stacked Spinning Tops are actually three stacked on, well, top of the other. To spin them, you need to wrap the handle-like part of the upper part with the included string and when the spin starts, you must quickly take them apart while they are in motion. Yes, there's some skill involved but as with all things, practice makes perfect. And since they are made by traditional craftspeople, when you are not playing with them, they serve equally well as ornaments showcase Edo culture!

Specs and Features:

  • Contains 3 spinning tops that fit on each other
  • Comes with string for spinning
  • Handmade in Japan by traditional spinning top craftspeople
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US$ 83