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Gakken Vacuum Engine car kit

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The Vacuum Engine from hobby kit maker Gakken lets you build your own vacuum car engine with all of the pieces provided, or even use the engine for your own independent projects.

This is a real eternal combustion engine and takes about two hours to assemble without any special tools. Put the engine into gear and let the car go! The well-designed body is also great for display. Be sure to watch the video!

Gakken Vacuum Engine car kit

Gakken Vacuum Engine features:

• Assembled size: 133(d)x 200(w) x 110(h)mm (5.3x7.9x4.2”)
• Illustrated manual (Japanese)
• Material: Aluminum body, iron shaft, brass valves, plastic steering wheel, seat, etc.
• Alcohol fuel required (Methanol or Methyl Alcohol)
• Manual: Japanese

Gakken vacuum car engine kit from JapanTrendShop on Vimeo.

Gakken Vacuum Engine car kit

Sold Out