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Theo Jansen Mini Rhinoceros Model by Gakken

Otona no Kagaku science project assembly kit

Dutch kinetic sculptor Theo Jansen's creations are graceful and breathtaking, artistically rendered wonders of engineering design. Being large and delicate, it's not everyone who can see them in person, let alone own one. That's why Gakken has stepped in with its Otona no Kagaku science model kit series, giving anyone the opportunity now to build their own Mini Rhinoceros walking model.

Theo Jansen Mini Rhinoceros Model by Gakken

No electronic power is needed; just the forces of nature. Wind will propel the incredible and beautiful engineering structure into a moving, walking creature. You will have fun AND learn lots while constructing and assembling Jansen's design, which is comprehensible enough even for children to do.

Theo Jansen Mini Rhinoceros Model by Gakken

The Theo Jansen Mini Rhinoceros Model features:

  • Based on Theo Jansen-designed kinetic sculpture
  • Build-it-yourself kit
  • Instructions: Japanese, but universal enough and with diagrams

Shipping weight: 0.9Kg / 1.98lbs
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