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Gakken Home Planetarium

Hobbyist self-assembly kit

Throw 10,000 bright stars onto the walls of your living room with the Home Planetarium kit by Gakken. Easy to assemble, the pinhole planetarium uses a small light bulb and a micro-perforated dodecahedron to cast the stars, galaxies, and constellations of the northern hemisphere onto your walls.

Gakken Home Planetarium

Three years in the making, the planetarium was designed using records from JAXA, a Japanese space and aviation research institute, to ensure high accuracy and a comprehensive collection of cosmic bodies. Kids love seeing their room covered in stars, but the planetarium also adds a very cool atmosphere to studies, living rooms, or bedrooms.

Gakken Home Planetarium

The Home Planetarium Kit features:

  • Hobbyist kit for constructing pinhole planetarium
  • Required for assembly: 3mm Philips screwdriver, forceps/pliers, 2 AA batteries
  • Ships with Vol. 9 of Otona no Kagaku magazine: Planetarium Edition
  • Instructions: Japanese (but illustrated)

Shipping weight: 0.9Kg / 1.98lbs
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