Media Coverage has been featured extensively in global media, press and the blogosphere for its unique product curation, and skill in seeking out the very best in Japanese design and innovation. Please find excerpts of our coverage below...

The Daily Dot
The Daily Dot did a nice feature on us called "Inside the magical weirdness of Japan Trend Shop". They included many our favorite products like the Shouting Vase, Beauty Voice… Read More »
Engadget featured the Takara Tomy "foam gun", the 3D Latte Art Maker Awa Taccino. "Craft the latte foam kitty of your dreams with this insane 'gun'," as their headline put… Read More »
Wired loved the Takara Tomy 3D Latte Art Maker Awa Taccino: "Over in Japan, they're taking beverage-top sculptures to another level entirely." Read More »
Gadget Man (Channel 4)
Comedian Richard Ayoade on the British TV show Gadget Man on Channel 4 introduced the Aero Seat Cooling Cushion and the USB Pollen Blocker by Thanko, as examples of gadgets… Read More »
Auto Revue
Austrian automobile magazine Auto Revue featured our R2-D2 Original Sound Virtual Keyboard. Read More »
20 Minutos
20 did a big round-up of fun and original household gadgets that "make life easier", including our popular RC Sugoi Mop. Read More »
French website Gralon wrote about the Koppu no Fuchiko capsule toy trend in Japan, and highlighted our special Koppu no Fuchiko Capsule Toy Set. Read More »
The British website Homemade By You, an online magazine by UK supermarket chain Sainsbury's and The Huffington Post, introduced our Hokke Mackerel Split Fish Pencil Case in a round-up of… Read More »
Carlo&Irene Life 4 You
Dutch TV show Carlo&Irene Life 4 You featured several of our products: Beauty Voice Trainer, Facial Fitness Pao Smile Trainer, and Akaishi Facial Massager. Hosts Carlo and Irene seemed to… Read More »
ET Today
Chinese website ET Today featured the unique King Jim Wearable Futon Air Mat Set, a special sleeping gear set for people who have to stay overnight at the office. Read More »
"Unstoppable pursuit of 'pretty' drives the Japanese to regularly invent ingenious and often, surprising stuff we never really thought we needed." So said Pixable as they introduced a run-down of… Read More »
French technology website Hitek joined many other tech blogs and magazines in featuring the superb R2-D2 Original Sound Virtual Keyboard holographic gadget. Read More »
golem Treize
French website golem Treize featured our R2-D2 Original Sound Virtual Keyboard gadget. Read More »
Supercompressor did a nice write-up about the R2-D2 Original Sound Virtual Keyboard, one of our most popular recent items. Read More »
Danish website Mandesager liked our R2-D2 Original Sound Virtual Keyboard and included a nice photo slideshow of the must-have for Star Wars fans. Read More »