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Smart Han Mega Bento Lunchbox

Handheld rice tube meals

The Smart Han was a fun hit. Any colorful tube that means we don't go hungry at lunchtime is all right by us. Now for those of you out there with big appetites, here comes the Smart Han Mega, a larger version of the popular lunchbox. As before, you "twist" out the rice dish (it works best with onigiri-style rice balls) so you can nibble at it like a cereal bar.

Smart Han Mega Bento Lunchbox

Longer and wider, the Mega has the capacity for twice as much rice (or other food) as the first Smart Han, perfect if you're a man who likes a big lunch. There are two different pop colors, green (ostensibly for men) and pink (for the girls). As before, there is also a special cap where you can store toppings or extra food.

Smart Han Mega Bento Lunchbox

The Smart Han Mega Bento Lunchbox features:

  • Colors: green or pink
  • Ideal for Japanese rice dishes but can be used for other meals
  • Includes cap for furikake and other toppings

Smart Han Mega Bento Lunchbox
Shipping weight: 0.25Kg / 0.55lbs
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