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Kantan Reito Mikan Holder

Fruit dessert frozen iced oranges

Made with approval by Ehime Prefecture, the region of Japan famed for its mikan (Japanese mandarin oranges), this fun Kantan Reito Mikan Holder is a great toy for easily (kantan) making frozen fruit snacks! If you want a jolly way to encourage your kids to eat more healthy foods, then this kind of characterful kitchen tool will induce laughter and smiles during the preparation process.

Kantan Reito Mikan Holder

Just open it up the "faces" and pop in your three citrus fruits. Then pour water over it and put it in your freezer till it freezes. Voilà! You have your healthy iced dessert! Traditional, simple Japanese snacks in the convenience of your own home.

Kantan Reito Mikan Holder

The Kantan Reito Mikan Holder features:

  • Holds three mikan-sized citrus fruits
  • Approved by Ehime Prefecture
  • Instructions: Japanese (but self-explanatory)

Shipping weight: 0.35Kg / 0.77lbs
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