Ojojo Naitou Cork Sandals

Designer Japanese flip-flops

There is something very modern and, at the same time, very old school about the Ojojo Naitou Cork Sandals. On the one hand, the combination of the wide form, the cork for the insole, and the lack of fabric for the thong make them look like something born from the mind of a 21st-century fashion designer. And on the other, the white and red colors and raised heel give them the appearance of the zori sandals a geisha would wear with her kimono!

The truth is that, like many Japanese things, the Ojojo Naitou Cork Sandals are both: they are made in Gion, Kyoto's geisha district, by craftspeople who actually make zori for Japan's most famous entertainers, but also integrate modern design touches like the tire-like surface on the bottom for better traction, a very elastic thong that is friction-resistant, and a special cork for the insole that is very soft to the touch yet very durable. You can find them in three sizes (1, 2, and 3; for measurements, see below) corresponding to most standard women's shoe sizes.

Specs and Features:

  • Color: white and red
  • Sizes: 1, 2, 3
  • Cork insole
  • Dimensions (1): 21.5-23 cm (US women's 4.5-6.5, EU 34-37)
  • Dimensions (2): 23.5-24 cm (US men's 5.5-6, US women's 7-8, EU 38-39)
  • Dimensions (3): 24.5 -25 cm (US men's 6-7, US women's 8.5-9, EU 39-40)
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