Drift Tomica Mario Kart Drift Challenge DX Set

Super Mario miniature car toys

One way toy maker Takara Tomy has managed to keep its Tomica car line fresh despite the fact it has been around since 1970 is by collaborating with various successful franchises. And when it comes to successful franchises that involve vehicles, few can match Mario Kart! The Drift Tomica Mario Kart Drift Challenge DX Set is supposed to be for children (three years and over), but there's a very good chance adults will enjoy it as much as their kids will!

The Drift Tomica Mario Kart Drift Challenge DX Set contains two vehicles (Mario and Luigi), their shooters, and several pieces that can be combined to create different race tracks. The pieces involve classic elements from the franchise including the Warp Pipe and the coins, but the best part is the slope where the karts can go in and out by drifting. Set it up any way you want it and have hours of fun with the two Italian plumbers and their karts!

Specs and Features:

  • Official Nintendo / Super Mario merchandise
  • Contains: 2 karts, 2 shooters, 1 pipe, 2 jumping platforms, 6 coins, 4 stick blocks, 1 slope, stickers
  • Karts: Mario, Luigi
  • Pieces can be assembled into different tracks
  • For ages: 3 years and older
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US$ 85