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Self-Assembly Shamisen Kit

Customizable musical instrument set

The three-stringed shamisen is probably the most famous traditional Japanese instrument. However, it is usually prohibitively expensive. But Itouhei has stepped in to create this Self-Assembly Shamisen Kit, which lets you build your own genuine shamisen. What's more, since you are the artisan making the instrument, you can also customize and personalize it in the colors and style you want.

Self-Assembly Shamisen Kit

The wooden and leather shamisen kit is durable and less susceptible to temperature and climate like a regular shamisen, which typically requires repair twice a year. So if you are creative and have some inspirations for an original shamisen design, this is the perfect starter kit. Here are some ideas to show you what can be done!

Self-Assembly Shamisen Kit

The Self-Assembly Shamisen Kit features:

  • Complete customizable shamisen self-assembly kit
  • Materials: Burma padauk wood, leather, plastic, silk
  • Instructions: Japanese (with pictures)

Peso della Spedizione: 3.6Kg / 7.92lbs
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