Kirin Original Beer Mug

Japanese beer brewery glassware

People sitting at long communal tables, eating sausages and French fries, and drinking beer from big glasses. It doesn't sound very Japanese, right? But it is! Every year, when summer starts showing its teeth (and in Japan, these are really sharp teeth), Tokyoites are counting the hours for the sun to set so they can meet their friends at beer gardens to fight the heat with a big, frosty, and frothy mug of beer. One like the Kirin Original Beer Mug!

Just a little shy of a pint (its capacity is 435 ml, or 14.7 fl oz), the Kirin Original Beer Mug goes best with a Kirin Lager or Ichiban Shibori, served with a thick head of foam as nature intended. Each jokki (as the Japanese call beer mugs) is 7.7 x 16 cm (3 x 6.3") big and features Kirin's logo on each side, so when you go kanpai and clink two chunky mugs together, it forms a great image of the whole logo.

Specs and Features:

  • Official Kirin merchandise
  • 1 beer glass (Japanese jokki beer mug)
  • Dimensions: 7.7 x 16 cm (3 x 6.3")
  • Capacity/glass: 435 ml (14.7 fl oz)
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