Kirin Beer Retro Tenugui Hand Towel

Japanese brewery design

They can be rags for cleaning windows or tapestries, headbands, bottle wrappers, or performance accessories for Kabuki theater actors. However you decide to use them, the traditional hand towels called tenugui are one of Japanese culture's unsung heroes, found in every home and very often in pockets or handbags. But if they are something like the Kirin Beer Retro Tenugui Hand Towel, we are definitely in more sophisticated territory, not only because of its look but also its value as a record of the famous brewery's history!

The Kirin Beer Retro Tenugui Hand Towel comes in a standard tenugui size of 90 x 34 cm (35.4 x 13.4") and is made of 100% cotton. As for the design, it's in two parts lengthwise, with the top featuring images from Kirin's first 35 years (its first factory in Yokohama, its first liquor store in Osaka, etc.), and the bottom featuring ten bottle labels starting from its very first in 1888, when the company wasn't even using the Kirin name! A unique item created by the brewery itself that any Japanese beer aficionado will appreciate!

Specs and Features:

  • Official Kirin merchandise
  • Dimensions: 90 x 34 cm (35.4 x 13.4")
  • Material: 100% cotton
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