Kirin Beer Logo Paperclips

Japanese brewery stationery

Among Japan's top beers, Kirin certainly wins the prize for the most imaginative name: diving deep into the shared mythology of China and Japan, the long-running brewery derives its name from a mythical beast that supposedly heralds the birth or death of a great sage and looks like a cross between a dragon, horse, and deer. That was back in the late 19th century and since then, this unique creature has become the logo of the company and appears on all its drinks and merchandise – including the Kirin Beer Logo Paperclips.

For beer-related merchandise, the Kirin Beer Logo Paperclips are quite spectacular: they are a detailed silhouettes of the beast as it appears on the company's iconography, including its cans and bottles labels, and they come in three colors (red, yellow, and red – four clips in each color). But you shouldn't think of them just as decoration: they are sturdy enough for use as regular paperclips or even as bookmarks, adding a real touch of the exotic to your documents or books!

Specs and Features:

  • Official Kirin merchandise
  • Pack of 12 paperclips
  • Colors: 3 (red, yellow, gold)
  • Paperclips per color: 4
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