Warp Transform Tote Bag

Versatile multipurpose everyday bag

Do you really need another tote bag? Can this one be so different? Is it worth throwing all the others away? The answer to all these questions is "yes." The Warp Transform Tote Bag takes the concept to a whole other level and makes anything else you have used until now obsolete! "Transform" really is the operative word here: this bag changes shape, capacity, and color like a chameleon, allowing it to become part of all your activities!

First the shape: using its outer zippers, you can give the Warp Transform Tote Bag three different shapes depending on if you want to use it as a purse, a regular shopping bag, or a supermarket-strength grocery bag. Then the capacity: depending on the shape, it can go from about 1.9 to 31 liters. And as for colors, it comes in eight (orange, khaki, camel, navy, brown, light beige, mocha, black) to match your personal style and mood. Add special pockets for everything from your wallet to your tablet, a hard folding bottom to help you arrange your groceries, and an antibacterial lining, and you have an absolute winner!

Specs and Features:

  • Colors: orange, khaki, camel, navy, brown, light beige, mocha, black
  • Adjustable size with zippers, up to 16 times basic capacity (from 1.9 L to 31 L)
  • Inside pockets: 2 inside for wallet and smartphone, 1 big for tablet (up to 13") with hook and loop closure
  • Main compartment closure: snap
  • Outside pockets: one big
  • Outside hanging loop
  • Hard folding bottom
  • Antibacterial processed lining
  • Basic dimensions: approx. 33 x 40 x 25 cm (13 x 15.7 x 9.8")
  • Weight: approx. 420 g (14.8 oz)
  • Material: polyester
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US$ 166
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