Tokyo 2020 Olympics Tono Cypress Geta Clogs

2021 Summer Olympic Games traditional footwear from Gifu Prefecture

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Of the many types woods that can be procured from Japan's vast forests, only the Tono cypress (hinoki) is considered good enough to be used for the country's most revered Shinto shrine, Ise Jingu. The beautiful texture and resistance to humidity that makes this special type of cypress from Gifu Prefecture great for shrine timber also makes it excellent for something more pedestrian - literally: traditional geta clogs like the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Tono Cypress Geta Clogs, one of the top choices from the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games official merchandise catalog.

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics Tono Cypress Geta Clogs are available in three sizes (23, 25, and 27 - for corresponding US and EU sizes, see below). But since these are classic Japanese clogs, to wear them as they are supposed to be worn (i.e., with the heel protruding a little), add about 1-1.5 cm (0.4-0.6") to your actual size. Other than the Tokyo 2020 Olympics insignia and logo and Olympic circles, the designers have added another special detail: instead of the usual Y-shaped strap, these handmade clogs come with a four split-toe one that makes walking in them much steadier!

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics Tono Cypress Geta Clogs features:

  • Official Tokyo 2020/21 Olympic Games merchandise
  • Features Tokyo 2020 Olympics insignia/logo and Olympic rings
  • Strap color: blue
  • For indoor use
  • Original 4 split-toe design
  • Materials: Tono Hinoki cypress, EVA resin, polyester
  • Sizes: 23 (US women's 6, EU 36), 25 (US women's 9, EU 39.5), 27 (US men's 9, EU 42.5)
  • For best fit add about 1-1.5 cm (0.4-0.6") to your actual size
  • If wet, dry well before use
  • Special order: please allow an extra 6 weeks until delivery
  • Made in Gifu Prefecture
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