Soaring Sky! Pretty Cure Transforming Sky Mirage Magic Wand

PreCure anime tie-in toy

In the beginning (back in 1991), there was Sailor Moon, the manga/anime franchise that became so popular that it inspired over a dozen similar titles where teenage girls get transformed into warriors thanks to some magic object or intervention. The Pretty Cure franchise is a relatively recent addition but has already been around for two decades, spawning TV anime series, games, and toys galore. Like the Soaring Sky! Pretty Cure Transforming Sky Mirage Magic Wand!

This toy is a replica of the Sky Mirage, a wand-like item that appears in Soaring Sky! Pretty Cure, the 20th installment in the series. Like in the source material, the wand can take three different jewels known in Pretty Cure as Sky Tones (Sky Tone Sky, Sky Tone Prism, and Sky Tone W Shining) and has three animated light patterns powered by three AAA batteries. Add different sounds and voice clips from the series and you will see why this amazing toy rightfully won the 2023 Excellence Award in the Co-Play Toy category of the Japan Toy Awards!

Specs and Features:

  • Official Soaring Sky! Pretty Cure merchandise
  • Plays sounds and voice clips from the anime
  • 3 different animated light schemes
  • Winner of the Excellence Award in the Japan Toy Awards 2023 Co-Play Toy category
  • Power: 3 AAA batteries (not included)
  • Comes with Sky Tone Sky, Sky Tone Prism and Sky Tone W Shining attachments
  • For ages 3 and above
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US$ 109