Smart Han Bento Lunchbox

Handheld rice tube for meals

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Rice (han) just got smarter with the Smart Han, a new take on the classic Japanese bento lunchbox by those masters of playful invention, Takara Tomy. Coming in two funnky pop colors - blue for guys, orange for the ladies - this "tube" is ideal for when you have lots of rice left over at home and want to take it to work as a hearty lunch.

Smart Han Bento Lunchbox

Coming with a "screw up storage" function so you can twist out however much rice you want to eat, there is also a cap for furikake dressing or any other topping you fancy. Okay, we won't lie, it does look a little peculiar - but it works a treat!

Smart Han Bento Lunchbox

Busy people also need to keep a hand free to read, work or write even during their lunch breaks. The Smart Han has been especially designed for one-handed consumption, meaning you can still get your sustenance while also getting through the daily to-do list.

The Smart Han features:

  • Colors: blue, orange
  • Ideal for Japanese rice dishes but can be used for other meals
  • Includes cap for furikake and other toppings

Smart Han Bento Lunchbox
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