Shogi Pasta (Pack of 3)

Japanese chess piece-shaped pasta

The city of Tendo in Japan's Yamagata Prefecture is famous for two things: for its craftspeople who make pieces for the Japanese version of chess called shogi, and for its delicious pears of the La France variety. That these two could be combined to create a product as unique as the Shogi Pasta it a testament to the imagination of the people of the area, but also to Japan's unbelievably high standards when it comes to food, particularly its appearance!

Not wanting to let pears that didn't make it to market go to waste just because they were the wrong shade of green, the people of Tendo turned the fruit into a paste, added them to their durum wheat semolina, and created a special type of pasta with a flavor unlike any you have tried before – in the best possible way. And to make the whole thing even more characteristic of their town, the pieces of pasta are shaped like four different pieces of shogi: the osho (king), hidari-uma (backwards horse), hisha (rook), and to/tokin (promoted pawn). This pasta is guaranteed to give your Italian dishes a special Japanese look!

Specs and Features:

  • 3 packs of pasta
  • Made of durum wheat semolina and La France pear paste
  • Designs: osho (king), hidari-uma (backwards horse), hisha (rook), to/tokin (promoted pawn)
  • Boiling time: approx. 6 minutes
  • Weight: 100 g (3.5 oz) per pack
  • Made in Yamagata Prefecture
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US$ 28