Scalp D Beauté Medical Estorogy Scalp Serum

Hair growth promotion lotion

It is one of the first thing everyone notices in Japan: the thick, black hair locals (particularly the women) have. And while this hair is attributed to many factors including racial characteristics, diet, and humidity, the truth is that the Japanese beauty industry has done a lot of research to develop products so that even those not born Japanese and raised in Japan can have this strong rich hair. The Scalp D Beauté Medical Estorogy Scalp Serum is one of the superbly effective results of this R&D.

Based on soy serum, which is rich in isoflavones that, in turn, mimic the action of estrogen, the Scalp D Beauté Medical Estorogy Scalp Serum directly addresses any hair problem, from dandruff and itching to thinning hair or hair loss, and strengthens your hair from its core. The result is thick and strong but also supple hair that stays shiny and jet black even at a more advanced age. Free of all troubling components like silicons, parabens, and mineral oil, but utilizing some of Japan's oldest hair care substances like plant extracts, this 80 ml (2.7 fl oz) bottle is your key to the hair you always wanted!

Specs and Features:

  • Hair types: all
  • Scent: fresh rose
  • Volume: 80 ml (2.7 fl oz)
  • Components: fermented soy milk, placenta extract-2, vitamin C tetraisopalmitate, kudzu extract, ginseng extract, chimpi (dried citrus peel) extract, purple orchid root extract, day lilly leaf extract, guava leaf Extract, bamboo shoot bark extract, soybean extract, pink trumpet tree bark extract, pine extract, blackberry lily extract, loquat leaf extract, soy protein hydrolyzate-2, tea extract-1, yeast extract-1, peppermint extract, coral weed extract, cherry leaf extract, hop extract, lotus seed lactic acid bacteria fermentation liquid, rice extract hydrolyzed liquid V, balsam extract, honeysuckle extract, orris extract, eucalyptus extract, angelica extract, etc.
  • No silicone, parabens, sulfate, mineral oil, phenoxyethanol, synthetic coloring
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