Labomo Silky Soft Lotion for Hair Growth

Medicinal hair restoration and repair treatment for men

Thinning hair? Itchy scalp? Dandruff? Are you suffering from any of the above? If you do, then your next hair treatment should definitely involve the Labomo Silky Soft Lotion for Hair Growth. In addition to hair growth ingredients that nurture your existing hair and promote the growth of new strands, this revolutionary lotion contains some unique moisturizing ingredients that repair hair damage while maintaining a healthy scalp. Al you have to do is apply it twice a day, morning and evening, and just leave it. The lotion doesn't need rinsing because even, though it contains oils, it doesn't feel sticky on the scalp.

Packed into the Labomo Silky Soft Lotion for Hair Growth's 90 ml (3 fl oz) bottle is an amazing variety of plant extracts, from chenpi and Cistanche tubulosa (respectively, sun-dried mandarin orange peel and a plant from the Taklamakan Desert in North China that have been used in Chinese medicine for centuries) to carrot, tea, soybean, and watercress. And for more volume, lightness, and shine, the lotion also contains jojoba and camellia oil as well as conchiolin, a protein that comes from mollusks' mantle that gives pearls their rainbow-like luminescence!

Specs and Features:

  • 90 ml (3 fl oz)
  • Contains: carrot extract, chenpi extract, Cistanche tubulosa extract, Siberian ginseng extract, French pine bark extract, barley ferment extract, blackberry lily extract, hibiscus flower fermentation liquid, tea extract, soybean extract, coffee extract, watercress extract, hydrolyzed black bean extract, hydrolyzed conchiolin solution, jojoba oil, camellia oil, purified water, water, etc.
  • Surfactant-free
  • Made in Japan
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