Pancake Playing Cards

Food trumps pack

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Feeling peckish? This Pancake Playing Cards set will whet your appetite while you play games at the table. You'd better have some real food present or the players might start nibbling the cards, because the amazing array of sweet and savory pancake dishes on these cards will astound (and tempt) everyone.

Pancake Playing Cards

Do you want cheese, jam, egg or plain old butter?! Even the pancake-shaped pack box looks edible! Each card face is totally unique, though the backs are all the same (a smiling, sweet-looking pancake of course!), so despite being so unusual you can use this 54-card pack just like a normal set of cards.

Pancake Playing Cards

The Pancake Playing Cards feature:

  • Card size: 87 x 87mm (3.4 x 3.4")
  • 54 card set
  • Each card features different pancake food image

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