Rocca Spiele Card Tower Game

2D 3D hexagon designer game

The name Rocca is derived from the Japanese word rokkaku, which means hexagon. With this designer Rocca Spiele Card Tower Game set you can play a game where you have to build up a "flat" tower of cards. Part 2D, part 3D, the award-winning card block game looks like something that M.C. Escher may have designed if he wanted to have fun!

Rocca Spiele Card Tower Game

The aim is simple: Be the first player to have no cards. There are special "Joker" cards and of course, there are rules for how to build up the tower. The card faces and suits and so on are the same as ordinary playing cards, so there's also nothing to stop you playing regular games like poker either.

Rocca Spiele Card Tower Game

And on top of being a cool game for two or more players, you can also use the cards to make funky geometrical shapes and patterns.

The Rocca Spiele Card Tower Game features:

  • 60 hexagonal cards
  • Players: 2 or more
  • Ages: 7 and over
  • Instructions: Japanese, English

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