Media Coverage

Gizmodo featured the Mizusion Saltwater-powered LED Lantern. "Hurricanes, earthquakes, elected officials... there are plenty of legitimate reasons to prepare for the end of civilization as we know it, and if… Read More »
The Week
The U.S. edition of the magazine The Week featured the UV Towel Dryer Hanger in a roundup of "best of... gear for germ obsessives". "Damp, mildewy hand towels are the… Read More »
Bento Box Magazine
The magazine Bento Box included the Oh! Sushi Game in a list of "hot in Japan" products. Read More »
BuzzFeed featured four of our products in round-up of "21 Gifts You Should Probably Just Keep For Yourself": the Mewgaroo Hoodie Pet Pouch Sweatshirt, the Thanko Electric Armpit Clip-on Cooler… Read More »
Gizmodo like the Panasonic Foldable Under Desk Heater, which should come in very handy during the winter. Read More »
CNET had some fun writing about the Thanko Smabow Smartphone Camera Hat and its "distressing" implications. "I fear that this is just what so many people actually want for Christmas."… Read More »
Martha Stewart Show
On her popular TV show, Martha Stewart was joined by Nick Fauchald to introduce the bestselling Taisin Ice Ball Mold as part of a series of modern, hi-tech cooking gadgets.… Read More »
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
When comedian Kate McKinnon appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, she talked about how much she loves wearing the Mewgaroo Hoodie Pet Pouch Sweatshirt with her pet cat! Read More » included the RC Sugoi Mop in its round-up of "15 Cleaning Products That Were Made for Lazy People". "Our advice? Convince your kid to treat this gadget like a… Read More »
The blog Geekologie had some fun writing about the Thanko Electric Armpit Clip-on Cooler Fan. "Thanks to Mark, who bought two and informed me they also work great on balls."… Read More »
The online edition of the German magazine Stern wrote a feature about our unique beauty gadgets, including the Face Slimmer Exercise Mouthpiece. Read More »
Gizmodo loved the Hoshi-zora Star-filled Envelope. "It's an especially thoughtful way to send a letter if the person you're writing to lives in a big city with too much light… Read More »
The Guardian
The Guardian had some fun with the Okashina Tamago Mawashite Purin Egg Flan Maker as part of a kitchen gadgets Easter special article. "I place an egg into a plastic… Read More »
Mental Floss
Mental Floss loved our popular Mimi Pet Earplugs, that allow you to "adorably block out the world with dachshund-shaped earplugs". Read More »
Gizmodo liked the Karesansui Japanese Rock Garden Jigsaw Puzzle. "This 108-piece puzzle is especially challenging given the seemingly random curved lines across every piece. But once successfully assembled it reveals… Read More »