Media Coverage

BuzzFeed did a round-up of "24 Genius Products Missing From Your Cat Lady Life", including the Mewgaroo Hoodie Pet Pouch Sweatshirt. Read More »
Belgian online magazine Steps featured five of our unique beauty products, including the Hello Kitty Color Contact Lenses Caramel. Read More »
7 Gadgets
7 Gadgets, a blog providing daily news about gadgets and design, featured the Balance Chair Golf Core Swing Training Stool. Read More »
Anime News Network
Anime News Network included four of our products in its 2015 holiday gify guide: the Godzilla Coin Bank Itazura Money Box, the Royal Twintails Pillow, the Kokeromin Cat Musical Instrument… Read More » included the Mitamanma Megane HD Camera Glasses H.264 in a list of products titled "Shut up and take my money". Read More »
BuzzFeed included our mega hit product Mewgaroo Hoodie Pet Pouch Sweatshirt in their listicle of "22 Obnoxiously Cozy Things That’ll Help You Embrace The Cold". Read More »
The website for leading Danish newspaper Politiken wrote an article about the Danbocchi Personal Soundproof Cardboard Studio. Read More »
Toyland (Gizmodo)
Toyland (Gizmodo) had some amusement with the Cat Television Scratch Box, which plays "the only channel you really need". Read More »
Toyland (Gizmodo)
Toyland (Gizmodo) loved the Star Wars Interactive Bluetooth Snow Globe by Amadana Imp. "These aren't just ordinary snow globes, they're also Bluetooth speakers, and the blizzard inside gets more intense… Read More »
The Australian edition of Gizmodo featured the Super Retcon Nintendo Controller Battery. "Even if you haven’t touched a Super Nintendo in 20 years, you probably still remember the first time… Read More »
Beauty website xoVain featured the Marvel Iron Man, Captain America Face Packs in a piece titled "Rescue People From Buying Used Makeup in These Superhero Sheet Masks". Read More »
Fashion Waltz
Chinese website Fashion Waltz highlighted the Breast Gymnastics Hand Massager by Takiko Shindo, which is turning into quite a viral hit. Read More »
Cosmopolitan were fascinated by the gruesome video for our Makizume Robo Ingrown Toenail Fixer. Not pleasant to watch but a very useful gadget! Read More »
Finnish website fiidi showcased our range of beauty gadgets, including the unique Breast Gymnastics Hand Massager by Takiko Shindo. Read More »
The summer 2015 issue of German magazine Brigitte featured our Polar Ice Ice-Cube Mold as an interesting seasonal household item. Read More »