Manner Tofu Chopstick Game

Chopstick skill food puzzle

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Learn to use chopsticks properly and have fun! There are six different types of tofu faces on these cute blocks of the world's healthiest soybean dish. The Manner Tofu Chopstick Game is for one or two players, and allows you to play several different challenges with the family of tofu. The different kinds of tofu not only have their own unique characters but they also vary in terms of how difficult they are to grip with the chopsticks.

Manner Tofu Chopstick Game

Place as many tofu blocks as you can on the small dish before they all collapse. Who will be last? Or there's the puzzle to lay the tofu flat into the case. Then you can place all the pieces facing down and in one large block. The game is then to silently remove as many as you can, testing your chopstick skills! You can also use your imaginations to vary the difficulty of the games. For example, for the puzzle game you could devise rules over which tofu blocks can be placed on top of which others to create a new Tetris-like challenge!

Manner Tofu Chopstick Game

The Manner Tofu Chopstick Game features:

  • Tofu pieces x 18, chopsticks x 2, tofu case x 1, dish x 1
  • Six types of tofu
  • Materials: ABS
  • Instructions: Japanese only

Manner Tofu Chopstick Game
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