Kirin Vintage Beer Labels T-shirt

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The story of a beverage company is told through its labels and especially if the company is old, there are a lot of labels and a lot of history. Kirin is one such example: tracing its origins to the Spring Valley Brewery, founded in Yokohama in 1869 by a Norwegian-American brewer who came to Japan to find his fortune, the company created a German brewery in Japan employing German brewers and using malted grains and hops imported from Germany. Eventually, this would become one of Japan's big four beer breweries. And this rich history is displayed on the Kirin Vintage Beer Labels T-shirt!

The Kirin Vintage Beer Labels T-shirt comes in black and is made of high-quality, 100% cotton fabric. It is available in four sizes from S to XL (for precise measurements, see below), and on its front side features an inscription with the words "Kirin Beer Vintage Label" and beneath that, an array of seven Kirin bottle labels from seven different points in the company's history, starting with the original black and gold label from 1888. Wear the history of one of Japan's most famous companies with this unique T-shirt!

Specs and Features:

  • Official Kirin merchandise
  • Features 7 Kirin classic labels on front side
  • Color: black
  • Sizes: S, M, L, XL
  • Dimensions (chest x length) S: 84-92 x 63 cm (33-36.2 x 24.8")
  • Dimensions (chest x length) M: 90-98 x 68 cm (35.4-38.6 x 26.8")
  • Dimensions (chest x length) L: 96-104 x 72cm (37.8-40.9 x 28.3")
  • Dimensions (chest x length) XL: 102-110 x 75 cm (40.1-43.3 x 29.5")
  • Material: 100% cotton
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