Japanese Folklore Face Packs

Kappa, Tengu, Hannya beauty masks

This Japanese Folklore Face Packs is a set of three beauty masks inspired by classic Japanese supernatural creatures. There is a crying Kappa (a river-dwelling creature from folklore), a happy Tengu (a strange yokai with a long nose), and an angry Hannya (a demon, most famous from Noh theater). Which character from the rich world of Japanese folk tales do you want to be? Not only do these recreate the visually striking creatures, they also express different emotional states. And, of course, these are genuine face packs so they will help improve the quality of your skin too.

Japanese Folklore Face Packs

The Japanese Folklore Face Packs features:

  • Set of 3: Kappa, Tengu, Hannya
  • Genuine face pack with 27ml (0.9 fl oz) of beauty essence
  • Not a costume
  • One-time use only
  • Hyaluronic acid compound
  • Instructions: Japanese (but easy to use)

Japanese Folklore Face Packs
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US$ 15