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Osamu Tezuka Face Pack

Astro Boy, Black Jack manga character skin care

With the Osamu Tezuka Face Pack you can transform into two of the most popular and iconic creations of the Japan's "father of manga", Black Jack and Astro Boy. These are genuine one-use face packs that help rejuvenate the skin, but at the same time also celebrate two of Tezuka's greatest characters. Easy to wear and use, these will delight fans and also astonish unsuspecting friends and family members!

Osamu Tezuka Face Pack

The attention to detail is superb. Note how Black Jack's trademark skin graft and white hair have been recreated. Astro Boy's face pack has his cute, round features, but with some of his robotic innards also exposed!

Osamu Tezuka Face Pack

The Osamu Tezuka Face Pack features:

  • Set of two face packs (Black Jack, Astro Boy)
  • Contains water, glycerol, BG, Hyaluronan Na, hydrolyzed collagen, vitamin C derivative, lavender, etc
  • Instructions: Japanese (but easy to use)

Osamu Tezuka Face Pack
Shipping weight: 0.15Kg / 0.33lbs
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