Häagen-Dazs Makeup Palette

Ice cream-themed cosmetics set

Dairy isn't a big part of the Japanese diet but ice cream is as popular in Japan as it is anywhere in the world, with Häagen-Dazs one of the brands you can find in pretty much any supermarket in Tokyo, often with flavors that are available only in Japan. The Häagen-Dazs Makeup Palette builds on the brand's recognizability to bring you a makeup palette that's not only extremely useful but also fun to use and carry around, since it is inspired by the ice cream company's flavors!

The Häagen-Dazs Makeup Palette is a 6.9 x 13.3 cm (2.7 x 5.2") box that contains eight cosmetics based on various ice creams: from plain vanilla to soy milk chocolate & macadamia. The names refer to the shade of each product, which can be used in several ways, including as foundation, cheek blush, eyeliner, or eye shadow. The set also contains a lip plumper gloss shaped like a popsicle-style ice cream that you can use with the palette or separately. Get your set now and try these delicious and exciting colors!

Specs and Features:

  • Collaboration between Häagen-Dazs and hair and makeup artist George
  • 8 shades/flavors: Vanilla, Strawberry, Green Tea, Macadamia Nuts, Rum Raisin Chocolate Duo, Cookies & Cream, Soy Milk Chocolate & Macadamia
  • 1 popsicle-shaped lip plumper gloss
  • Includes foundation, blush, eyeliner, eye shadow, etc.
  • Comes with 8-page booklet (Japanese)
  • Box size: approx. 6.9 x 13.3 cm (2.7 x 5.2")
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US$ 43