Matsu Iku Globe Head Eyeliner

Easy-to-use beginner's eye makeup

There really is no limit to Japanese innovation, not even in the world of makeup. Popular Japanese cosmetics manufacturer Rei Natural has created a new kind of eyeliner especially for people who have trouble drawing a straight line. The Matsu Iku Globe Head Eyeliner is the world's first eyeliner with a ball-shaped head that absorbs lines drawn from unwanted, shaky hand movements. Combining the softness and flexibility of Japan's original kenma polishing techniques, the eyeliner shape makes it easy to draw a line that even closes the gaps between your eyelashes.

Matsu Iku Globe Head Eyeliner

The Matsu Iku Globe Head Eyeliner features:

  • Eyeliner for beginners and people with shaky hands
  • Color: black, brown
  • Made in Japan
  • Instructions: Japanese

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