Asano Ornamental Taiko

Miniature traditional Japanese drum

It isn't the banjo-like shamisen or the zither-like koto: the musical instrument most people immediately recognize as Japanese is the taiko drum, mostly thanks to the popularity of spectacular taiko ensembles like Kodo. And while the idea of such an ensemble was only created in the 1950s by a jazz drummer, the instruments go back over 1,500 years and a true icon of Japanese culture. The Asano Ornamental Taiko will immediately become the centerpiece of any shelf.

But it isn't just for show: Ishikawa Prefecture's Asano has been making real, playable taiko since 1609 and has put all its know-how into the Asano Ornamental Taiko. Made of real zelkova wood and with cowhide heads, this miniature can produce actual sound and that's why it comes with a pair of drumsticks. And because Asano wants to give you as many options as possible, you can get yours in any of the five different sizes it comes in, together with a corresponding stand!

Specs and Features:

  • Sizes: 4 sun, 4.5 sun, 5 sun, 6 sun, 7 sun
  • Dimensions (4 sun): 12 x 26 cm (4.7 x 10.2")
  • Dimensions (4.5 sun): 13.5 x 28 cm (5.3 x 11")
  • Dimensions (5 sun): 15 x 30 cm (5.9 x 11.2")
  • Dimensions (6 sun): 18 x 37 cm (7 x 14.6")
  • Dimensions (7 sun): 21 x 42 cm (8.3 x 16.6")
  • Materials: zelkova wood, cowhide
  • Comes with stand, drumsticks
  • Made by traditional Ishikawa Prefecture taiko maker Asano Taiko (est. 1609)
  • Special order: please allow additional time for delivery
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