Artpla Tower of the Sun

Osaka landmark DIY kit

It was built for the world exposition that took place in Osaka in the spring and summer of 1970. The expo came and went but the Tower of the Sun stayed and became one of the symbols of the city. Over 50 years after the original's creation, the Artpla Tower of the Sun kit gives you the opportunity to build and own a replica of the emblematic piece of art and postwar Japanese history!

The Artpla Tower of the Sun is a 1/200 scale model of the real tower. This means its 70 meters (229.7 ft) have been shrunk to about 360 mm (14.2"), which is enough to allow for an amazingly detailed reproduction of the tower. Once assembled (you will need some glue and basic tools like clippers, scissors, etc.), it has a removable front, which lets you see its inside like the Tree of Life, a sculpture depicting the evolution of life from amoebas to the Cro-Magnons. True to the original by Taro Okamoto it is a work of art in its own right!

Specs and Features:

  • Replica of the original by artist Taro Okamoto
  • Scale: 1/200
  • Full height: approx. 360 mm (14.2")
  • Runners: 11
  • Not painted
  • Basic tools (clippers, scissors, cutter) and glue needed
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US$ 226