Spy x Family Mini Figures Set

Manga and anime theme collectible toys

Generally speaking, spies are famous for not having families – in the real world as well as in fiction: the life of a spy doesn't really lend itself well to having a spouse and children. Loid Forger, his wife Yor, and his daughter Anya came to change all that in the Spy x Family manga and anime franchise that has been a hit in the Japanese and international market for the last five years: the Forgers apparently can function as a family alongside their career in espionage. And with the Spy x Family Mini Figures Set, you can now recreate scenes from their domestic life on your desk or shelf!

Inevitably, they can't quite escape their line of work, though: the Spy x Family Mini Figures Set does contain an action scene with Loid pointing a gun, having just taken off his mask. The other three feature Anya hugging Yor, Anya running happy with her dog Bond in the background, and Anya standing between her penguin doll and Bond, helping them befriend each other.

Specs and Features:

  • Licensed Spy x Family figures
  • Includes: 1 figure of Anya Forger and Yor Forger, 1 figure of Loid Forger, 1 figure of Anya Forger with Bond, and 1 figure of Anya Forger with Bond and penguin
  • Figure height (each): approx. 80 mm (3.1")
  • For ages: 15 years and over
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US$ 69