Snap Frame Spy x Family Anya Forger

Manga and anime theme doll toy

Snap Frame is a popular series by Megahouse, one of Japan's premier toy makers, where figures are set in a house-like case (the frame) and can, at the push of a button, be "snapped out" dressed in different outfits. The Snap Frame Spy x Family Anya Forger is the latest addition to the lineup, featuring one of the cutest (and most unexpected) action, comedy, and spy fiction manga and anime characters of the last five years: Anya Forger from the Spy x Family franchise.

Like all items in the series, the Snap Frame Spy x Family Anya Forger features different costumes, each for different parts of Anya's life: there's her school outfit, her nightdress (complete with an old-school night cap), and an everyday outfit for when she wants to play with Bond, her enormous Great Pyrenees dog. To match her different outfits, the frame also comes with two backgrounds: Anya's school, the Eden Academy, and her room in the Forgers' home. Help your children set it up and then let them act out their favorite scenes from the anime!

Specs and Features:

  • Licensed Spy x Family product
  • Outfits: school uniform, play, sleep
  • Scenery: school, Anya's room
  • For ages 6 years and over
  • Dimensions (when assembled): 105 x 125 x 110 mm (4.1 x 4.9 x 4.3")
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US$ 55