Kikkoman Endomame Green Pea Sauce (3 Bottles)

Soy-free, gluten-free condiment

You love Japanese cuisine and you love soy sauce but at the same time you are, like many people in this day and age, concerned about your gluten intake, because soy sauce is made from soy and fermenting together for several days. Kikkoman, the world's biggest soy sauce maker and one of the oldest in Japan with a history going to the 17th century, has the answer. It's the Kikkoman Endomame Green Pea Sauce, which gives you all the flavor you get from soy sauce without actually using wheat – or even soybeans!

The researchers at the Chiba Prefecture-based company found that endomame green peas can produce the salty taste and the aroma of a good soy sauce without the use of wheat during fermentation. And they offer the product of this fermentation as a sauce in a special bottle that does not allow air to enter when you are pouring, so it remains fresh for many weeks. Get your set of three 450 ml (15 fl oz) bottles and make your sushi or sashimi better without worrying about gluten!

Specs and Features:

  • No wheat or soybeans
  • Contains 3 x 450 ml (15 fl oz) bottles
  • Ingredients: green peas, salt, alcohol
  • Dimensions: 164 x 44 x 189 mm (6.4 x 1.7 x 7.4")
  • Energy (15 ml/0.5 fl oz): 12 kcal
  • Protein (15 ml/0.5 fl oz): 1 g (0.03 oz)
  • Fats (15 ml/0.5 fl oz): 0
  • Carbohydrates (15 ml/0.5 fl oz): 1.7 g (0.05 oz)
  • Dietary fiber (15 ml/0.5 fl oz): 0.1 g
  • Sugar (15 ml/0.5 fl oz): 1.6 g (0.05 oz)
  • Salt equivalent (15 ml/0.5 fl oz): 2.4 g (0.08 oz)
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US$ 17