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Canvasworks Scenery Wall Clock

Artwork print, clock combination

One of the first victims in technology's advancement is, oddly enough, one of the most basic and useful devices: the wrist watch and its cousin, the wall clocks. With cellphones, wearables, tablets and computers everywhere, the need for watches and clocks has been practically eradicated. This leaves a void in terms fo household decor and the attractive Canvasworks Scenery Wall Clock is a unique approach to literally covering this with art!

Canvasworks Scenery Wall Clock

Pick one of the two beautiful black and white prints (real prints on a real painting canvas), with either an office building as seen from a park or an urban street around a railway station, which incorporate time-keeping into the street clock in the picture designed to blend seamlessly with the picture. Besides adding a touch of Japan (both images are very familiar everyday life sights in any Japanese town), the Canvasworks Scenery Wall Clock brings back the low-tech warmth of an hour and a minute hand moving endlessly on a round clock face.

Canvasworks Scenery Wall Clock

The Canvasworks Scenery Wall Clock features:

  • Versions: Park & Office Building, Railway Station Street
  • Screen prints on canvas
  • Office building version: 42 x 27.9 x 2.2cm (16.5 x 10.9 x 0.8")
  • Street version: 27.3 x 60.6 x 2.5cm (10.7 x 23.8 x 0.9")
  • Power: batteries
  • Made in Japan

Canvasworks Scenery Wall Clock
Peso: 3.5Kg / 7.7lbs
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