Sushi Candles

Japanese food candle set

Light things up in true Japanese style! Yes, these four pieces of Japanese cuisine will certainly give your home or cafe a special kind of look - just be sure not to eat them by mistake! We all know that Japanese restaurants have plastic food displays in their windows, but now comes a new wax twist. This set of four Sushi Candles will provide you with a flame to see by, courtesy of iconic tuna, egg, shrimp and other rice and fish combos. Just put them on a plate, sushi board or anything you like. The result will always be the same authentic-looking raw fish platter.

Sushi Candles

The Sushi Candles feature:

  • Includes two pairs of sushi candles (four candles)
  • Size: around L108 x W108 x H39mm (4.3 x 4.3 x 1.6")

Sushi Candles
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US$ 29