Suwada Shaver and Nail Clippers Travel Set

Portable personal grooming kit

For the best kind of blade, choose a Japanese blade. But the Suwada Razor and Nail Clippers Travel Set is actually designed to be compatible with Gillette Fusion five-blade heads. Why not a Japanese razor? Because this is a travel set. Staying with the international standard ensures you can get your spares wherever you are. So choose the razor handle color you like (black or silver) and enjoy your shave in Tokyo, Paris, or New York!

There is, though, a distinctly Japanese hint of blade perfectionism in the Suwada Razor and Nail Clippers Travel Set but it's well hidden in the nail clippers that form its other half. Made from the stainless steel for cutlery that is one of the two main reasons that Japanese blades are so great, and crafted with the attention to detail that is the other reason, this small tool takes care of your nails for decades as you travel around the globe. And when not in use, it will rest in the set's stylish metallic box!

Specs and Features:

  • Set includes: razor, nail clippers
  • Razor handle color: black, silver
  • Box dimensions: 115 x 62 x 20 mm (4.5 x 2.4 x 0.8")
  • Weight: 111 g (3.9 oz)
  • Materials: stainless cutlery steel, brass, polyester
  • Compatible razor blades: Gillette Fusion (5-blade head)
  • Made in Japan
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