SixPad Recovery Wear Parka

Anti-fatigue casual apparel

Designed like a standard hoodie, and available in the mandatory black of any self-respecting streetwear but also in beige for a more soft look, the SixPad Recovery Wear Parka could easily pass unnoticed. But there's more than meets the eye in this hooded sweater and you realize this if you put it on after a session at the gym or a particularly busy day at work when you feel the fatigue weighing down your body.

The brainchild of the R&D department of exercise wear brand SixPad, the SixPad Recovery Wear Parka is made using a patented stretching and quick-drying fabric called Mediculation. Thanks to a special fabric mix that besides polyester, rayon, and polyurethane also involves ceramic (non-metallic) fibers, the heat radiated from the body diffuses better and helps the blood circulate more freely. The result: your body restores its resources faster and you feel more and better rested. And with four sizes (S, M, L, and LL) to choose from, you can certainly find the one that fits your body and style!

Specs and Features:

  • Patented Mediculation quick-drying, stretching fabric
  • Colors: beige, black
  • Sizes: S, M, L, LL
  • S dimensions (length x width x sleeve length): 63.5 x 55 x 55 cm (25 x 21.7x 21.7")
  • M dimensions (length x width x sleeve length): 66 x 58 x 56.5cm (26 x 22.8 x 22.2")
  • L dimensions (length x width x sleeve length): 68.5 x 61 x 58 cm (27 x 24 x 22.8")
  • LL dimensions (length x width x sleeve length): 71 x 64 x 59.5 cm (28 x 25.2 x 23.4")
  • Material: polyester 76%, rayon 16%, polyurethane 8%
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