Recovery Sandal Flip-Flops

Anatomically designed arch-support sandals

When a design has been part of a culture as long as the split-toe sandal has been in Japan, it is only natural that it would undergo various transformations and improvements along the way. Especially when it comes to something as fundamental as support for the arches of the feet and the sole muscles, arguably among the parts of the body that take the lion's share of the punishment of daily life, some improvements aren't just welcome, they are essential. And thankfully, the Recovery Sandal Flip-Flops offer plenty of them!

With a thick sole that absorbs shocks as well as a sports shoe, made of flexible EVA that follows the foot's curves, a special protrusion that supports the arch and a curved bottom that allows the soles to make a rocking motion as you walk, enabling more ankle mobility, the Recovery Sandal Flip-Flops make you feel like you're walking on air! With a minimalist design that is suitable for all times of day or night, the flip-flops come in four colors including the ones easiest to accessorize with, and you can get them in six sizes corresponding to the most common shoe sizes.

Specs and Features:

  • Colors: black, white, beige, khaki
  • Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
  • Thick sole design for improved shock absorption
  • Curved bottom for rocking motion when walking
  • Arch-support structure
  • Dimensions (XS): 23-23.5 cm (US women's 6.5-7, EU 36-37.5)
  • Dimensions (S): 24-24.5 cm (US women's 8-8.5, US men's 6-6.5, EU 38-39)
  • Dimensions (M): 25-25.5 cm (US women's 9-9.5, US men's 7-7.5, EU 40-40.5)
  • Dimensions (L): 26-26.5 cm (US women's 10-10.5, US men's 8-8.5, EU 41-42)
  • Dimensions (XL): 27-27.5 cm (US men's 9-9.5, EU 42.5-43)
  • Dimensions (XXL): 28-28.5 cm (US men's 10-10.5, EU 44-44.5)
  • Material: EVA
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