Hipshop Dragon Ball Z Vegeta Underwear

Manga and anime-themed boxer briefs

Vegeta is the perfect example of how complicated manga characters can be: what started as a warrior prince, ruthless killer, and antagonist became with time not only peace-loving but also an ally to the Dragon Ball Z series heroes, and eventually a hero in his own right, almost as popular as Son Goku. So any series of Dragon Ball Z-related products would definitely need to include a Vegeta model. In the case of this line of boxer briefs, it's the Hipshop Dragon Ball Z Vegeta Underwear!

Designed with the front closed so there aren't any seams interrupting the illustration, the Hipshop Dragon Ball Z Vegeta Underwear is a canvas with two portraits of the Saiyan prince: one with his face on the back and one with his full body on the front, together with his name in English and Japanese. This special pair of boxer briefs is available in three sizes (M, L, and XL), all in a snug fit, and is made of a fabric that is a 65% polyester, 25% nylon, and 10% polyurethane blend for better durability and comfort.

Specs and Features:

  • Official Dragon Ball Z merchandise
  • Closed front
  • Transfer print
  • Sizes: M, L, LL
  • Waist (M): 76-84 cm (29.9-33")
  • Waist (L): 84-94 cm (33-37")
  • Waist (LL): 94-104 cm (37-40.9")
  • Material (body): polyester 65%, nylon 25%, polyurethane 10%
  • Material (waist band): nylon 90%, polyurethane 10%
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