Hipshop Dragon Ball Z Master Roshi Underwear

Manga and anime-themed boxer briefs

He could be the stereotypical martial arts teacher: old, venerable, and full of wisdom. The difference is that Dragon Ball's Master Roshi (or Kame Sennin, as he is known in Japanese) is lacking several of the virtues of the classic master and has several faults. What makes him important (and a favorite among the franchise's fans) are his tremendous skills and his teacher-student relationship with Goku. The Hipshop Dragon Ball Z Master Roshi Underwear is a tribute to this unique antihero. And considering how lewd the character is, having him on your boxers feels very appropriate!

The Hipshop Dragon Ball Z Master Roshi Underwear is made of a special fabric that is 65% polyester, 25% nylon, and 10% polyurethane. This makes it very durable but, at the same time, very light and comfortable to wear. The back has a portrait of Master Roshi against a Dragon Ball background, while the front has a full body image of him in an action pose, stick and all, with his full name (Kame Sennin) in English and Japanese. Available in three sizes: M, L, and LL.

Specs and Features:

  • Official Dragon Ball Z merchandise
  • Closed front
  • Transfer print
  • Sizes: M, L, LL
  • Waist (M): 76-84 cm (29.9-33")
  • Waist (L): 84-94 cm (33-37")
  • Waist (LL): 94-104 cm (37-40.9")
  • Material (body): polyester 65%, nylon 25%, polyurethane 10%
  • Material (waist band): nylon 90%, polyurethane 10%
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