Warm Tech Ice Cream Spoon

Carbon-fiber–reinforced polymer melting utensil

The Warm Tech Ice Cream Spoon will help you get more out of eating ice cream, faster! The spoon is made with special materials to melt ice cream as you scoop, simply by plunging the spoon into the ice cream. The carbon-fiber–reinforced polymer has much higher thermal conductivity than ordinary spoon materials, while still staying light and durable. Because enjoying an ice cream requires hi-tech engineering!

Warm Tech Ice Cream Spoon

The Warm Tech Ice Cream Spoon features:

  • Spoon x 1
  • Size: 1.1 x 2 x 21.5cm (0.4 x 0.8 x 8.5")
  • Achieves melting results in up to 20 seconds
  • Stylish black color
  • Materials: CRFP
  • Made in Japan

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